14 July 2009

ePayment of Income Tax and TDS


This is link for making e-payment of income tax, tds, fbt and other direct taxes governed by income tax department (CBDT). For making you need to have Internet banking account. Credit Cards/Debit Cards cannot be used for making e-payments at this site.
On this website you have to select appropriate challan ITNS280, ITNS 281, ITNS 282 or ITNS 282, which ever is applicable depend on tax category you have to pay. Use form ITNS 281 for making payment of TDS/ TCS. (TDS deducted by you on payment made by you or TCS collected by you on sale of scrap, etc.)
You have to use separate challan for company and non-company deductees. Also use separate challan for different type of tds payments like TDS On Payment of Salary u/192', 'TDS on payment to Contractors u/s194C', etc. Select proper assessment year and input proper Tax Deduction Number (TAN). Select your bank from the list of banks available on the site. When you click proceed, the site checks the name of Assessee with the TAN no. given. I gives the name of Assessee against TAN no. If the name is correct proceed to pay tax.

Use ITNS 280 for making payments of advance tax, self assessment and regular tax as demanded by the assessing officer. Select 'income-tax on companies-corporation tax' for corporate assessees and 'income tax' for other assessees.

After you complete making payment, the bank site will give you payment details, these details will show all the details you have filled in challan form and also show 7 digit BSR Code (Code give to each bank), Date of payment in dd/mm/yyyy form and 5 digit serial number of the bank. All this 3 details give you 20 digit CIN i.e. Challan Identification Number. eg 0202004 for BSR code, 13/07/2009 for date and 00003 for bank serial no. will give CIN 02020041307200900003. This will be reference number of you payment in income-tax department records. Periodically banks will upload this data at the departments site. You can check your CIN/payment details at this site on Challan inquiry status:


It tak es bank two to three days to upload CIN data depending upon their practice and clearing of cheques.

Advantages of paying taxes online

  • Payment of taxes can be make from any comfortable location at any time through net-banking account.
  • What we write on the e-challan will be directly sent to Income Tax Department. Banks will not do any data entry.
  • The Challan/Receipt will be generated immediately. It can be printed and saved.
  • As the details of CIN are available immediately, return can be filed immediately.
  • The details on Challan/Receipt will be clear and legible, specially CIN number.
  • Transaction id of the e-payment transaction will be available in bank statement. So even if the challan is lost or misplaced, CIN will be easily available.

  • Who can pay directly taxes online

    All assessses can pay their taxes online. However from 1-4-2008 the scheme is compulsory for companies and other non-companies assesseeswho are covered under income-tax audit. The scheme is optional for other asessees