15 July 2009

Amnesty Scheme for amnesty against penalty for late filing of VAT/CST return

Finance Minister of Maharashtra in his State Budget Speech on 4th June, 2009 announced to declare a scheme for wavier of penalty leivable for late filing of return. Dealers must file all their pending return and pay pending taxes. The scheme was brought in background of implementation of scheme of electronically filing of VAT returns.

The Scheme has been declared by the Commissioner of Sales-tax vide Circular 21 of 2009 dated 4th July, 2009. The salient features of scheme are :

  1. The dealer has to file all pending returns electronically only.
  2. All pending returns from 1st April 2005 to 30th June 2009 have to be filed before 31st July, 2009,
  3. All taxes and interest on late payment, have to be paid before filing of the return,
  4. All cases were penalty has been levied but not paid or recovered are eligible for wavier,
  5. Were penalty has been paid/recovered it will not be refunded back to the dealer,
  6. If the dealer has filed an appeal against the penalty levied or part amount of such penalty, then penalty or part penalty will not be levied if dealer pays all pending taxes with interest before 31st July, 2009 and withdraws appeal unconditionally

All returns form 1st April, 2005 to 30th June, 2009 should be filed electronically before 31st July, 2009 and taxes along with interest should be paid before filing the return.