17 July 2009

About Acknowledgement for Income-tax Return Filed Online (efiling)

Assessees who have filed their Income Tax return online(e filing ) without digital signature have to send the Form ITR-V* within 30 days from date of uploading of the Income tax return (xml File) to the Central Processing Cell (CPC) at Bangalore.
*ITR-V is generated on efiling income tax return, as acknowledgement of efiling. It contains acknowledgement number, date of efiling and other particulars of return.
Income Tax dept has issued Press release that ITR -V should be send to them through ordinary post only and speed post, registered post and courier will not be received . On receipt of ITR-V at CPC, Bangalore, the department will acknowledge receipt my sending email at the email address provided by the assessee and indicated on the ITR-V. This email contains the receipt number and date of receipt. If you have not received the email, or have given wrong email address, you can log in at e-filing portal and check at the link in e-filing site by name "e filing processing status" under My Account Menu.
It has come to my knowledge that copy of ITR-V sent to CPC Bangalore will be scanned after stamping receipt number and date of receipt and the same shall be made available to taxpayers on request through email. Please await further information on procedure for the same.


CBDT has issued circular extended the time for allowing assesses filing returns electronically to send their ITR-V to CPC Bangalore. Now all assesses filing  return online can send their ITR-V within 60 days of uploading the return at efiling web-site or before 30th September, 2009 which ever is later.

The ITR-V must be send by ordinary post only.  If the asseessee receive email form CPC, Bangalore that the assessee has not send the duly signed ITR-V, then the assessee must send the ITR-V again to CPC, Bangalore.  If the assessee does not receive email of receipt of ITR-V within reasonable time, the assessee must better check efiling status by login at efiling web-site i.e. www.incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in and download the receipt. He can find the receipt in My Account Menu at "efiling processing status". The same receipt as send by CPC, Bangalore by email will be available for downloading and printing. 

To assist taxpayers, a call centre service with two agents has been established by ITD-CPC, Bangalore. Taxpayer queries on status of ITR-V receipt at CPC, Bangalore will be answered on 080-43456700 between 9:30 AM to 6 PM. The service will be available in English, Hindi and Kannada. It is advised to keep PAN number and E-Acknowledgement number ready before calling to CPC, Bangalore.


Many dealers in digital signature have spread rumours that ITR-V doesnot reach Banglore and there can be problem and the assessees may have to file return again; and if returns are filed again after due date the assessee may be penalised. They mainly scandalise the assessee who are covered under tax-audit. They are sending emails to this effect to Chartered Accountants and Assessees. To my experience, it is not necessary to use digital signature. I have not experienced loss of ITR-V in post. If CPC, Bangalore doesn't receive in about 10 days, they also sends reminders to assessee at their email address to send ITR-V to them by post. The new procedure of sending ITR-V is a good development for chartered accountants as they do not have to visit office of ITO in different jurisdiction. This is time saving and economical.  

CPC, Bangalore has also issued list of Dos and Dont's for printing and submitting of ITR-Vs to ITD-CPC Bangalore. I am reproducing the same here for you convince.

  1. Please use Ink Jet /Laser printer to print the ITR-V Form.
  2. The ITR-V Form should be printed only in black ink.
  3. Do not use any other ink option to print ITR V.
  4. Use of Dot Matrix printer should be avoided.
  5. Ensure that print out is clear and not light print/faded copy.
  6. Please do not print any water marks on ITR-V. The only permissible watermark is that of "Income tax Department" which is printed automatically on each ITR-V.
  7. The document that is mailed to CPC should be signed in original.
  8. Photocopy of signatures will not be accepted.
  9. The signatures or any handwritten text should not be written on Bar code.
  10. Bar code and numbers below barcode should be clearly visible.
  11. Only A4 size white paper should be used.
  12. Avoid typing anything at the back of the paper.
  13. Perforated paper or any other size paper should be avoided.
  14. Do not use stapler on ITR V acknowledgement.
  15. In case you are submitting original and revised returns, do not print them back to back. Use two separate papers for printing ITR-Vs separately.
  16. Please do not submit any annexures, covering letter, pre stamped envelopes etc. along with ITR-V.
  17. The ITR-V form is required to be sent to Post Bag No.1, Electronic City Post Office, Bengaluru, Karnataka-560100, by ordinary post.
  18. ITR-Vs that do not conform to the above specifications may get rejected or acknowledgement of receipt may get delayed.


Ministry of Finance vide its press release today has extended the date for filing ITR-V for all returns filed electronically without digital signature after 1-4-2009. Now ITR-V must be send to Bangalore before 31st March, 2010 or within 120 days of filing the return.

The ITR-V must be send by ordinary post only.