06 August 2009

Profession Tax Registration Incentive Scheme - 2009

Profession Tax Registration Incentive Scheme - 2009

Government Resolution: PT-1109/PK-35/KARADHAN-3 DT.29.07.09

The Finance Minister of Maharashtra in his Budget Speech for 2009 had informed that the state government will come out with scheme to provide amnesty to professionals, traders and business establishment who are required to register under Profession Tax Act and have not yet registered themselves under this act.

Vide Government Resolution: PT-1109/PK-35/KARADHAN-3 DT.29.07.09, the state assembly has now declared a scheme to be called “Profession Tax Registration Scheme – 2009” . The object of the scheme is to provide an opportunity to the defaulters to register themselves and this will also help in increasing revenue of the state.

The Scheme shall be operational during the period form 1st October, 2009 to 31st March, 2010.

The main conditions of the scheme shall be as under:

  1. The benefit of the scheme shall be available to persons who are newly registered under Profession tax act,
  2. The new applicant shall pay all the taxes due from 1st April, 2005 t0 31st March, 2010. The application shall also pay the interest due on the above amount. The proof of payment of the amount has to be attached with the application for new registration.
  3. The applicant shall not be entitled to take benefit of any amount paid up to 31st July, 2009, neither shall he be entitled to claim refund of such amount.

The benefit available under the scheme shall be:

  1. The applicant under this scheme shall be entitled for amnesty for all tax, interest and penalty payable before 1st April, 2005,
  2. The applicant shall also be entitled to amnesty form penalty for late payment of taxes form 1st April 2005 to 31st March, 2010.

Procedure for implementation scheme:

  1. Commissioner of Sales-tax, Maharashtra State has be authorized to lay down the procedure for implementation of the scheme.
  2. Commissioner of Sales-tax, Maharashtra State is also authorized to delegate powers to subordinate authorities.
  3. Where there are any doubts on conditions or implementation of the Scheme, the decision of the Commissioner of the Sales-tax shall be final.

The Circular of the Commissioner informing the procedure of the scheme is awaited.