17 August 2009

Annual Tax Statement

Annual Tax Statement: Verify Your Tax Credit Online

Tax Information Network (TIN) is offering a facility for taxpayers to view Annual Tax Statement (Form 26AS) online. Form 26AS contains the following:
  1. Details of tax deducted/collected on behalf of the taxpayer by deductors/collectors.
  2. Advance tax/Self assessment tax/Regular assessment tax etc. deposited by the taxpayers.
Information in ATS is based on information and statements periodically submitted by TDS Deductors and TCS Collectors and Banks collecting tax from tax-payers. NSDL periodically emails ATS to tax-payers on email address mentioned on returns filed by the tax payers. If any discrepancy is found in ATS, the tax-payer must take necessary steps and follow instruction laid down in ATS email to get ATS updated and rectified .

If a person doesn't file return of income electronically, he will have to register with NSDL-TIN to enable him online access to his ATS

How to Register to view your tax credit online

  1. Fill the online application at NSDL’s website http://www.tin-nsdl.com/
  2. Choose a user ID and password at the time of application 
  3. Print the acknowledgment generated on submission of the application online. TIN - Facilitation Centre (TIN-FC) selected by you during registration will contact you for inperson verification. (You can also visit TIN-FC for inperson verification. List of TIN-FC is available on TIN website.)
  4. The TIN-FC will verify the identity of the tax payer with the original PAN card available with the tax payer and after verification the TIN-FC will authorize the application.
  5. Three days after authorization you can view your tax credit (Form 26AS) using the user ID and password chosen at the time of application online.
Registration & authorization is a one-time activity

TIN-FC will charge the following for authorization:
a) Rs.15 (+ service tax as applicable) for authorization of PAN registration request if the tax payer visits the TIN-FC.
b) Rs.100 (+ service tax as applicable) for authorization of PAN registration request if TIN-FC visits tax payer.

No charge for viewing Form 26AS online.