02 December 2009

Requirements for MVAT Audit


Clients are required to give minimum of following details for conducting Audit under MVAT.

1. Copies of Final Accounts Audited under Income-tax Act and/or under other law applicable,

2. Report of Income tax Audit and Statutory Audit Report (if Applicable),

3. Sales/Purchase Register,

4. Other books of accounts, if data is maintained in tally, soft copy of data,

5. Challans of payment of tax, original and certified,

6. Certified copies of Returns Filed,

7. Sales and Purchases Invoice and Goods Return Notes and related delivery challans,

8. All Declarations collected and certified copies thereof

9. List of TIN No of VAT Customers

10. Certified Copies of Registration Certificate under MVAT, CST, PT, etc,

11. Certified copies of PT enrolment certificate

12. Challans of payments of Profession Tax

13. Bank Statements

14. Books of accounts

15. Address of additional place of business

16. Permanent account number

17. Import Export Code Number

18. Copes of last Vat Audit

19. Document of constitution, formation, etc

20. Stock registers if any,

21. Statement of Opening and Closing Stock

22. email address and phone numbers to be mentioned in audit report

23. Trial Balance of business in Maharashtra, if company combined balance sheet of business in all states

24. Letter of Appointment as Vat Auditor