11 December 2009

List Of Requirements for Applying for Directors Identification Number (DIN)

Every person, desiring to be a director of any company in India must have a Directors Identification Number (DIN). He must apply for DIN with DIN cell of MCA, Minister of Corporate Affairs. If a director doesn’t have DIN, then the company will not be able to upload/file necessary e-forms; where name of such person is mentioned as director on e-form. Company is required to state DIN in necessary e-forms and the MCA system pre-fills/downloads the name of the director. Hence if the DIN is not given, name of the director will not be filled and e-from will not be validated for uploading.


1.                  Passport size photograph of the applicant,

2.                  Full name of applicant, i.e. first, middle and last name,

3.                  Full name of father of applicant, even in case of female applicant

4.                  Date of Birth of the applicant,

5.                  Place of Birth of the applicant,

6.                  Permanent Address, with PIN

7.                  Present Address, with PIN

8.                  Xerox copy of PAN Card,

9.                  Xerox copy of Proof of identity, i.e. any one of the following:

a.      Passport,

b.      Election Card,

c.      Driving license,

d.      Income-tax PAN Card.

10.              Xerox copy of Proof of Residence, any one

a.      Passport,

b.      Election Card,

c.      Ration Card,

d.      Electricity Bill,

e.      Telephone Bill, f. Bank Account Statement

11.              Filing Fees Rs.100/- to be paid online or deposited at bank

12.              Signature of Chartered Accountant on the Application form, verifying the photo of applicant and all other documents to be attached to the application

13.              Signature of Applicant at two places

14.              To send application for to Noida address.

Passport / Driving License / Identity proofs etc attached to the application must not have been expired, only such documents which are currently valid can be attached to the application.