10 September 2009

MICR Codes Meaning of

MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) code contains 9 digits, like 380002006 appearing at the bottom of the cheque, following the cheque number. Each Bank Branch has a unique MICR code. One wonders what these code are and how to make it easy to remember our branch code. If you are able to understand the code, it becomes easy to remember your Bank Branch MICR code.

First three digits of the code display the city and is derived form first 3 character of PIN( Postal Index Number) mentioned in the address of the Branch. Like as in case of Ahmedabad, PIN number of Ashram Road Branch is 380009, therefore first three digits of MICR code will be 380.

Digit 4,5&6 display the bank codes allotted to each bank by Reserve Bank of India. For example State Bank of India has been alloted "002" . Six digits of MICR code will become 380002

Digit 7,8 and 9 display the Bank Branch Codes allotted to each branches of bank. For Example SBI, Asharam
Road, Ahmedabad 380009 branch has been allotted code no. 006. Therefore 9 digits of MICR code of State Bank of India, Ashram Road Branch, Ahemdabad 380009 will be 380002006.

Thus MICR code will be 380 002 006, i.e. City Code + Bank Code +Branch Code

List of MICR CODE of Bank Branch as on July 1, 2009


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