20 October 2009

Due Date for Payment of Service Tax

Due date for Payment of Service Tax

  • Where the service tax provider is a Individuals, Proprietary Firms and Partnership Firms the service-tax is payable for each quarter by following dates.

Service-tax Due Date Table:

Quarter Service-tax payable by Where Service Tax is paid electronically
April to June 5th July 5th July
July to September 5th October 5th October
September to December 5th January 5th January
January to March 31st March 31st March
  • Where service provider is any other service provider

Service-tax Due Date Table: 

Month Service-tax payable by Where Service Tax is paid electronically
April 5th May 6th May
May 5th June 6th June
June 5th July 6th July
July 5th August 6th August
August 5th September 6th September
September 5th October 6th October
October 5th November 6th November
November 5th December 6th December
December 5th January 6th January
January 5th February 6th February
February 5th March 6th March
March 31st March 31st March
  1. For tax deposit electronically through internet banking, payment can be made on 6th instead of 5th [Notification No.39/2007 dated 12-9-2007]
  2. Service-tax payable is amount received form the clients/service users, during the quarter. The amount bill is not to be taken into account for calculating the amount payable for the quarter. But the amount of service tax actually paid by clients on the services billed is to be paid as service tax payable for the quarter. Thus, if bill is issued in one quarter and the amount is paid by the client in next or any other quarter, then the tax is to be paid in quarter in which the client has paid the amount of service tax. [Finance Act, 2008.]
  3. If service tax paid by the Service Provider or Service Receiver is Rs.50 lacs or more during the previous year, or if service tax paid during the current year is Rs.50 lacs, then the service tax liability is to be discharged by making electronic payment through internet banking.
  4. If Service Provider or Service Receiver, provides services or receives services form /in, more then one premises or office and each office or premises is separately registered, Rs.50 lacs would apply to each separate registered office or premises. However, in case of Large Taxpayer Unit (LTU), the cumulative service tax paid by all registered premises of each LTU will be taken in to consideration.
  5. Service tax paid in Cash + Cenvat Credit Utilised would be taken into consideration while calculating the amount of Rs.50 lacs. [Circular No.88/06/2006 dated 6-11-2006]
  6. RBI has clarified by that e-payment will be accounted on date paid if payment is made before 8 p.m. Else payment will be accounted for next date. [RBI instruction No. DGBA GAD No. H9561/41.07.003/2007-2008 dated 5th March, 2008.]
  7. w.e.f. 10th May, 2008 when transaction of taxable service is with Associated Enterprise, payment received for taxable service include any amount credited or debited in books of accounts of a person liable to pay tax
  8. When payment is not made electronically, service-tax is to be deposited in single copy Challan GAR- 7 at the designated bank. Challan GAR-7 is applicable form 1-4-2007. Before 1-4-2007 service tax was payable in  Challan TR-6 (on Yellow Paper)
  9. If due date of payment happens to be a public holiday, assessee may pay the service tax on next working day immediately following the holiday [Circular No.63/12/2003 dated. 14-10-2003]

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